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AlexAlways articulate, occasionally panicky, and very particular about his gaming tastes, Alex brings a unique view of video games to the Backlog Battle Podcast thanks to his professional experience in the industry. He bore witness to two generation transitions during his time at Activision, with credits that include Spider-man and X-Men: Mutant Academy for the original PlayStation, Ultimate Spider-man for multiple platforms, and Call of Duty 3 for the then debuting PlayStation 3 and Wii. Having this experience gave Alex a unique insight on trends in video gaming as well as a glimpse at the behind-the-scene goings on gamers may not be privy to.

Favorite Genres: Adventure, RPG, Action
Neologisms: “Like,” “You know what I’m sayin’?”


AnthonyHighly emotional, always stubborn, sometimes crass, but always loud, Anthony injects every episode of the Backlog Battle Podcast with pure enthusiasm and high energy. Since becoming an early counter-culture staple during the early years of the YouTube gaming community, Anthony delivers his no-holds-barred opinions raw, unedited, and full of vigor, like that of a charismatic dictator. It’s because of this that Anthony not only empowered an entire generation of YouTubers to break the established mold, but also encouraged them to express their own thoughts and feelings, no matter how controversial they may be.

Favorite Genres: RPG, Adventure, Fighting
Neologisms: Anything with the word “F*ck”

Together, they are

Backlog Battle PodcastThe Backlog Battle Podcast

Always biased, often politically incorrect, yet authoritative, knowledgeable, and raucous at the same time, the Backlog Battle Podcast is what you get when you combine two very different gamers coming from very different backgrounds in video gaming! The unorthodox yet complimentary pairing of this duo makes this show the ultimate open forum for discussing anything and everything video games, from past, present, and future, to consoles, PCs, mobile, VR, and beyond! Find out why many listeners have proclaimed Alex and Anthony as the “Siskel and Ebert of video games” and download an episode of the Backlog Battle Podcast today!