My Backlog Battle Podcast #98: The End of the Year Game of the Year 2015

This is it! This is the episode you’ve been waiting for! In the third part of our Game of the Year 2015 series, Alex and Anthony finally get to talking about the games of 2015! Here’s the NEW criteria:

Naturally, these are games that have been released and were played extensively in 2015. Both Alex and Anthony have to bring five games to the episode and decide which five, from the pool of ten games, would be deemed viable for this category. Like previous categories, remakes and re-releases are not eligible for this category. Games are not required to be beaten, however, extensive play time and progress by each player is required for the game to be eligible for this category. Timed exclusives are excused, provided that both Alex and Anthony did not have the platform that the game was released on at the time of deliberation. Core games are the only games eligible and this category does not allow DLCs to be included. However, expansions that deliver substantial amounts of content above and beyond the normal DLC format are allowed.

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