Social Link Podcast #35: Video Games Are Back!

For the second episode. we turn our attention to what we’ve been playing, what we are streaming, working on our backlog. We also take an extended look at upcoming titles and games that we’re looking forward to.

  • It’s a “Whatcha Been Playing” episode!
  • Anthony played Pier Solar.
  • We talk about homebrews and classic RPGs from the Genesis era.
  • This prompted me to want to download Final Fantasy VI.
  • I played the new Strider.
  • We talk about Anthony’s Twitch channel for a little bit. And it’ll sound familiar!
  • I played Shadow of Mordor.
  • I also forgot that Destiny existed. My bad!
  • We talk about how Shadow of Mordor is becoming a watershed moment with its AI driven campaign.
  • We talk about FFXV and the Hajime Tabata’s meme proposal