Social Link Podcast #26: Your World, Our Adventures

This week’s episode came in a little late, mainly because of lost time. No, it’s not because of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, but other games and social activities that took up most of our time… namely, Guardians of the Galaxy! But before we can even talk about that, here’s this week’s episode!

  • Anthony failed at playing The Last of Us because the disc he borrowed was destroyed and scratched as hell.
  • We talk about how the quality of your discs reflect the quality of your character. Is it true?
  • We also talk about physical media versus digital media and our opinions of each.
  • We segway into talking about PSPlus, PSNow, and EA Access. Are these services really a good value?
  • Then we segway into game development, somehow.
  • Then back to talking about server hardware and subscriptions.
  • We talk about the newly opened Eorzea Cafe in Japan.

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