Social Link Podcast #2: Cardboards, RPGs, and Questions from Long Ago

Hey! We made it to episode 2! Will we last until episode 3 or will we call it quits yet again? Who knows! Until then, enjoy this brand new episode of the Social Link podcast and check out what’s happening in this episode below!

  • I talk about midgets sh*tting in buckets. Yes. It’s in this episode.
  • This episode marks the return of Magus Rants!
  • We recommend board games for video gamers who are curious about board games. Like an inception.
  • We also talk about why it’s important for future video game designers to be familiar with board game rules and mechanics.
  • We also talk about games we’re looking forward to this quarter, which is to say – not a lot.
  • We also address a question that was asked us again, a whole year later, from one of our fans.

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